guad's Journal

15 May
Well, what to say here. I am half german half french living currently in Spain. My icon is of my dog Astor who passed away at age 12 on october 10th 2011.

I have too many interest than are good for my academic development (I began a lot of university studies but never ended any of them, going from swahili, ethnology, translation, spanish literature to music theory and politology)
I finally managed to finish Cultural Management with a really good grade (so I basically ROCK!) :P
Ah, and a random but essential information: I don't like chocolate :D

My posts are mostly about fandoms like A song of ice and fire, Dresden, Potter or others, about movies, about sports more specifically football (soccer for the us americans *rolleyes*) and I also have random polls from time to time.

Feel free to friend me, I will most likely friend you back :D

What my friends say about me: ♥


...rocks my world - and is a friend so good that she even would free chocolate (frogs) with me by immediately setting up a full trained rescue corps, but ignoring that chocolate does not exactly belong to her most beloved food. You rock in so many ways, guad!

...TEH AWESOMENESS! She has METAL hair, and she speaks lots of languages, and she's all around, generally awesome and a great friend! :D OMG, I've just realized... GUAD IS A MARY SUE! *rotfl*

... is the bestest friend anyone could hope for. I'm so very glad I met her and I wouldn't want to miss her for the world. If she was a character in ASoIaF she would have to be a Lannister because their motto HEAR ME ROAR! suits her perfectly! ROCK ON, GUAD!

...covered in glitter in the most intimidating way possible!

You are fantastic!!! I love your strength and your bluntness. You are a rare breed :D

...has an immense amount of inner strength, showering it upon those who need it... clearly the best friend anyone could have.

...the best person to have on your side!

...is super, and has a highly disturbing default icon.

I ♥ her and Twilight sucks and she shouldn't bother reading it.

Scared me with her offer of hugs when i first met her, but she managed to break down zee ice in the end..

...Isa is fun, creative (first art and now poetry?) and has a big heart. I would gladly give up "Twilight" for ASOIAF any way so I could discuss it with you. ♥

Isa is my sister in the DOG ARMY and the REPRESSION OF CATS. And also she's awesome.

...an evil Knut defiler!!!

...a radical and fierce bitch but I love her to bits! ROCK ON!

... someone I am glad to have met!!!

...a very good friend.

...who apparently asked this on the wrong day so that I just have to add 'who is always there to fight for you, whether you're a giant, motorbike or an ugly dog. Oh, or a friend.' :)

... a future leader of the revolution

... An evil Bas Dose fan who doesn't discriminate against age. =P

... a fierce defender of non-human rights!

... the giant obsessed mom of a really great dog.

...a crazy but loveable efl-rights activist!

...an advocate to most causes worth advocating, and she brushes her teeth regularly.

...has had teh hotness hair colors.


Member of House Targaryen in westerosorting

member of hogwarts_elite

Fun from different communities:
Voted as Beric, Drogo, Oberyn and Rhaegar


Baelor Breakspear and Aegon I the Conqueror


Mance, Greatjon,

Mormonts Crow, Wun Wun, Tom o Sevens, Maege Mormont, Rickon,

Mance, Aerys, Greatjon, Strong Belwas,

Most likely to survive in the forbidden forest

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